The Tao Of Badass 3 of 9 (Confidence)


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This is “Confidence” the third video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Here’s a few tip’s from “Confidence” you’ll have to know to move on to the next video “The System”

1. What a girl is actually attracted to is someone who has the ability to give value to others to make them feel more valuable without asking for any value back this can come through being a 9 (having Cooperative Dynamics) on the value scale.

2. always refer to girls as being cute instead of hot. Because if you think girls are hot then you’ll demonstrating higher value which means that you will treat them with more value and come off as being needy as for cute girls you’ll treat them like there on the same level as you are.

3. Your body language is connected to your emotions which is connected to your beliefs through your subconscious mind. Your belief’s control your emotions which controls your body language.

4. Girls read your body language to confirm if you have confident beliefs.

Steps of making a new belief:

Convince yourself of the belief

Proclaim and convince others of that belief

Test this out until it doesn’t work. As soon as it doesn’t, take all of the information you gained from doing it wrong and alter it until it’s perfect.

Make your belief solid (Make it feel & seem like no matter where you go/what you do, you’ll still carry that belief around with you no matter what)

6. Get rid of all your current beliefs that people have given you and replace them with your own

7. Make two belief’s in your subconscious mind one that states you’re attractive and another that states you have high value never let anyone change these beliefs no matter what happens.

8. By hacking your brain and telling yourself that you’re attractive is another way of putting value in yourself.

9. Look at every day as like your improving yourself and getting better e.g. make yourself believe that you’re improving each day. Say to yourself “if today you’re attractive then tomorrow you’ll be even more attractive” and never stop doing this.

10. Don’t try to hide your insecurities because that’s what girls find unattractive, but if you try to face them and overcome them constantly then that’s an attractive quality in a man.

11. If you consider yourself value to be a Nine you will recognize that you have room for improvement. As for if you consider yourself value to be a Ten then you will stop yourself from growing, improving, so you will naturally drop in value and become less attractive over time.

Polar Opposing Insecurity Compensation (POIC): Now that you understand what these different kinds of people do, it’s important to understand why they do them. Polar Opposing Insecurity Compensation this occurs whenever a person focuses on something that he doesn’t want to be because being that way or having that quality makes him insecure. In order to make himself feel like he’s gotten over that insecurity, he becomes the exact opposite of that thing. So if you are insecure about being too quiet, for example you would become extremely loud and arrogant because at the end of the day, you’d be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say “No one could accuse me of being too quiet today because I was so loud and so arrogant that they would never have reason to.”

12. Once you understand this, you can control the level of confidence that you retain while helping others to feel more powerful around you. When you are able to add value to the lives of other people, they will begin to follow you and you’ll become a leader.

By the way if you need a hand with understanding any of his concepts comment below 😛 and please remember most of the credit goes to my teacher Joshua Pellicer

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